all kinds of stuff

all kinds of stuff

My new most favourite place in the world. Imagine what a treat it is to find so much matter all in one place. It like being in a class, having many hot cups of coffee at a cafe and a detailed telphatic session with one of the greatest cartoonists of all time – John K.

I know what i am doing this weekend. Do you?

Scientists recreate out-of-body experiences (no drugs) – Yahoo! News

One of the most amazing things I have ever read.

Scientists recreate out-of-body experiences (no drugs) – Yahoo! News:

“Using virtual reality goggles to mix up the sensory signals reaching the brain, they induced the volunteers into projecting their awareness into a virtual body. Participants confirmed they had experienced sitting behind their physical body and looking at it. The illusion was so strong that the volunteers reacted with a palpable sense of fear when their virtual selves were threatened with physical force.”

Fantasia 2000

A pencil test is probably the most beautiful thing ever.

Check out this cool one from Fantasia 2000