fear and animation

Why is that we are so afraid to push stuff to their extreme in animation? It is so easy to forget that the thing that is seen in animation is CHANGE. Change from one to another. A friend who works at pixar agrees, in 3D it is so easy to focus on transitions and making them look smooth that sometimes the pose is forgotten. If Milt Kahl was a CG animator, I bet if you opened up his shot and looked at his curves they would have some serious peaks and dips for overshoots and quick antic’s. The things that these guys do for one frame! ( without losing the whole ) Worth thinking about. It is always easier to go too far and then comeback than it is to try and push it after not having gone not far enough. The comments I hear from directors at diales are Bigger, Push it further.

I dont think they mean make eveything move all over the place. They mean take the idea and push that. For example if a charecter is still for any reason. Take the idea of stillness and push it as far as you can, and then push it further. ( somebody else said that, I cant remember who) I need to do a whole post on keeping it simple.

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