some old work

As some may know, due to some freak accident I lost all my old renders. Which explains why I have never updated my portfolio page. The task of redoing it was just too daunting, so i just shut my eyes and pretend to be somewhere else. Well I just found this file, it was done abt ..oh.. 2001 ish. I was studying under Scott Clark and Pete Nash, both from Pixar. They gave us this luxo model and told us to animate it interacting with a ball. It was a lot of fun and provided me with my first insight of how pixar animators thought. I think animation is all about how you think. There is skill involved in transfering that thought into your medium of choice. But the real entertainment comes from the thought and not the skill. This is the advantage animators have over actors. An animator gets to try and see a couple of dozen times if his thought is working out on screen the way he wants it to work out. He can tweek it frame by frame. Actors dont have that luxury.

I hope I am not violating any copyright by putting up a luxo model on my site.

Lamp interacting with a ball

Finding this has inspired to me re-render atleast some of the shots that I did. Hope you like it.

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