scale of the lord of the rings

..boggles the mind.

The films were seven years in the making – two years
of pre-production, two of main production and three of
post-production. The scale of the project is shown in
New Line Production’s number list:

100,000,000 – estimated number of people worldwide who
have read the trilogy.

40 – languages (at least) into which the books have
been translated.

12,500,000 –hand-linked rings used to create chain
mail by Weta workshop for the films.

3,000,000 – feet of film (at least) used to film the

250,000 – silk leaves applied by hand to a tree in

90,000 – still photographs shot on set.

48,000 – swords, scabbards, axes, shields made by Weta
workshop for the films.

20,602 – extras cast for the films.

15,000 – costumes made by costume department for the

10,000 – members of crowd at New Zealand cricket game
recorded making Orc sounds.

5,000 – cubic meters of vegetables and flowers planted
in Hobbiton a year before filming started.

2,400 – crew members at height of production.

2,000 – illustrations drawn for production by
conceptual designer Alan Lee.

1,600 – pairs of prosthetic Hobbit feet used by
principal Hobbit cast.

1,460 – largest number of eggs served at breakfast for

800 – largest number of lunches served on set at once.

900 – suits of armor made by Weta workshop.

550 – hours of film (at least) shot on set for
behind-the-scenes footage.

350 – sets constructed for films.

300 – handmade, knotted wigs made for films.

274 – shooting days for trilogy.

250 – horses used in one scene.

200 – individually crafted Orc masks created by Weta

180 – artists created computerized effects at Weta

114 – speaking roles.

100 – locations, at least.

100 – hand-forged, inlaid weapons crafted by Weta

68 – miniature sets.

30 – actors trained by two dialect and creative
languages coaches.

13 – months the Fellowship travels on its journey in
the trilogy.

9 – the numeral, in Elvish script, tattooed on nine
members of the cast following the shoot.

8 – acres of farm land in Matamata, New Zealand, used
for set of Hobbiton.

7 – years of development of the film trilogy by
writer/producer/director Peter Jackson.

5 – shooting units : Unit 1, two second units,
blue-screen unit and miniature unit.


LOTR won seventeen Oscars in total, including eleven
for The Return of the King

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