ummm.. yeah the whole autodesk maya thing

I dont think anyone was expecting this especially after seeing how MAX and MAYA salesmen bitch .. i mean pitch. It took me a little while to get access to this news. At first I was like hmm.. took me a sec to realise that MAX was Autodesk. THen I was like WHAT! Then Bill, Raj and I went WHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! Then we were like ok.. this could be good.

I dont really think they gonna stop making maya or anything drastic like that. Nothing for end users to worry about. I think the lack of competition could become a problem. But these things have a way of correcting themselevs with new competition. I need to start looking at softimage and other animation packages. Jason says in his blog that its all about workflow. I cannot agree more. Working on a whole project and not just a little piece as I was used to doing in PDI I can see that a BIGGGG part of executing a project is having a good pipeline and a software or a team of engineers that can help you design your pipe line. So i really hope MAYA MAX version 1 will address that 🙂

While I am looking into my crystal orb let me make another prediction. PRICE! DOLLARS! DINARO AND RUPEES! Maya and max will become more expensive over time ( if there is no effort by the current competion to use this op to start cracking on things)

Thats it – the bottom line is the money.

It would not be a bad idea for a bunch of good programmers to start a site and begin to create a open source 3d program. It might take a while but if its anything as sucessful as linux then….


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