Back from nasscom

Phew whats a hectic few days. Lots of 5 am wake up calls and 11 pm dinners. I was in NASSCOM thursday and Friday and we flew back from hyderabad on friday night. Flight was delayed by 3 plus hours. So it took off at 1130 pm. The return flight was like a who’s who of bangalore animation business. Rajesh was there, thhe guys from virgin and dr nandish from paprikas besided modi and bill. Lots of vendors sun, amd and ibm also were sprinkled around the cabin.

Back home and back to team. The next day we had a seminar. More than 120 people showed up. We had seats for 67 in the screening room. It was standing room only and then even that was gone. Great time for the AC to break down. But people bore it bravely as they put up with my bad jokes and listened as bill aaraty and raj spent time convincing them why the computer is not such a great thing. The mind is…

Why is this so hard to understand???? The computer doesnt do anything its the person behind it. learning a software is not gonna make u an artist. Its just so frustrating when students for takshaa ask for xsi or maya or max. Even after all the lectures abt art, it still comes back to software. They think that knowing software will get them all there is to know about animation.

Here r my notes from the talk as nasscom. I used some of it and did not use a lot of it. And I said somethings not in these notes.


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