There is so much hype here in india about animation. Everyday there is something or the other in the newpapers and online news services jump over one another to print the latest statement from the animation companies. Its really ridicilous and i think its giving birth to insane hype and is presenting an image that is as close to being absolute falsehood as possible.

I am upset that media only focuses on these things and doesnt really probe behind the statements.

Media should focus on the art of animation. What makes animation they way it is? Why is it so hard to produce? What are the characteristics of companies such as DreamWorks, Disney, Pixar? Why do they produce such good content? Where is the empashis laid in such companies? What is it going to take to do work like that here? What steps need to be taken to open India as a market? What is story and storytelling? Artists need to develop observation and sensitivity. Press needs to show that these things are lacking. When press comes out with statements like India will do the next big movie in 6 months time they need to know that there is an animation community out there laughing at them.

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