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This is an ongoing issue that I am sure everyone faces. How does one balance work and life?

For the art to be authentic it has to come from life. Art as such is a way of life. But to be really honest one has to experience it in life. How does one portray it in the movie if one has not experienced it oneself? Great comedians take personal experience and then from that extract humor. Humor as such is merely a point of view.

Classically speaking the only thing that exists is tragedy and humor is merely a way of looking at tragedy.

I used to really laugh and Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. But not anymore! Its not like I don’t like it anymore. I still LOVE watching them. Its just that i cant laugh at it anymore. I understand where the humor comes from. It comes from a place of so much pain that I find it hard to not try and analyze what experiences led to that bit in the movie.

Come back to work life balance. It is important to go out and live life and experience everything and from that experience create something if it demands to be created. Nothing is more boring or pretentious than forced art.

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