seeing Madagascar

Finally I got to see Madagascar. It was an early show but with lots and lots of kids. I dont know why but kids LOOOOOOOVE animation. I have never ever seen a audience laugh and cheer so much even at jokes which I am sure they did not understand. After a long time I got to see an animated movie without the critic in my mind going blah blah. And I loved it. The kids seem to walk out of the theater a few inches above ground after the show. Reminded of why i joined this industry in the first place.

While I admit Mad is not a perfect animated film or a perfect film. I think its sucess with the audience is a testament to the fact that animated storytelling has an uncanny way to get connected to the audience. Nothing else explains the sucess of so many below average TV shows or Disneys Direct to videos.

Yay Animation!

scale of the lord of the rings

..boggles the mind.

The films were seven years in the making – two years
of pre-production, two of main production and three of
post-production. The scale of the project is shown in
New Line Production’s number list:

100,000,000 – estimated number of people worldwide who
have read the trilogy.

40 – languages (at least) into which the books have
been translated.

12,500,000 –hand-linked rings used to create chain
mail by Weta workshop for the films.

3,000,000 – feet of film (at least) used to film the

250,000 – silk leaves applied by hand to a tree in

90,000 – still photographs shot on set.

48,000 – swords, scabbards, axes, shields made by Weta
workshop for the films.

20,602 – extras cast for the films.

15,000 – costumes made by costume department for the

10,000 – members of crowd at New Zealand cricket game
recorded making Orc sounds.

5,000 – cubic meters of vegetables and flowers planted
in Hobbiton a year before filming started.

2,400 – crew members at height of production.

2,000 – illustrations drawn for production by
conceptual designer Alan Lee.

1,600 – pairs of prosthetic Hobbit feet used by
principal Hobbit cast.

1,460 – largest number of eggs served at breakfast for

800 – largest number of lunches served on set at once.

900 – suits of armor made by Weta workshop.

550 – hours of film (at least) shot on set for
behind-the-scenes footage.

350 – sets constructed for films.

300 – handmade, knotted wigs made for films.

274 – shooting days for trilogy.

250 – horses used in one scene.

200 – individually crafted Orc masks created by Weta

180 – artists created computerized effects at Weta

114 – speaking roles.

100 – locations, at least.

100 – hand-forged, inlaid weapons crafted by Weta

68 – miniature sets.

30 – actors trained by two dialect and creative
languages coaches.

13 – months the Fellowship travels on its journey in
the trilogy.

9 – the numeral, in Elvish script, tattooed on nine
members of the cast following the shoot.

8 – acres of farm land in Matamata, New Zealand, used
for set of Hobbiton.

7 – years of development of the film trilogy by
writer/producer/director Peter Jackson.

5 – shooting units : Unit 1, two second units,
blue-screen unit and miniature unit.


LOTR won seventeen Oscars in total, including eleven
for The Return of the King

Joe Ranft

Joe Ranft of Pixar has died in a car accident. He was a brilliant and extremly funny individual. I had the honour to meet him once. He was giving a guest lecture at one of the story boarding classes i was taking. Even though he came after a very long day at work he gave us a very inspiring lecture on story. The awesome thing was he seemed to get energized the more he talked. He was filled with passion and believed so much in what he had to say that. After class he spent time with us and looked over our work and gave us comments on it. It is a very sad time for pixar and the animation community in general.

Joe Ranft — Pixar animation artist, voice of characters

MADAGASCAR releases in india.

It never is a good feeling when I can’t get tickets to a movie I want to see. I hate having to wait to watch a movie. Then it follows that I must be very disspointed to not get tickets in not one but two cities in india for a movie. But no! I am very happy cause that movie happens to be madagascar.

With very little fanfare Madagascar released all over india on friday. I happened to be in mumbai and oh joy! was unable to get tickets because theaters were sold out. Today, I am in delhi and WOW no tickets here either. So i guess I will have to see it when i get back to my home town Bangalore tomorrow.

Try to post some pictures on people watching the movie and maybe some reactions from the audience.

I am hoping I wont be able to get tickets. 😀