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acting – breakdown I

I think there are many ways to classify acting. One of it is implicit and explicit.

In explicit acting the character is visually/verbally presenting his accurate emotions. Like if a char is happy then its YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEE! and jumping up and down. If he is morose then its frown and heavy steps.

In implicit acting the chracter is not Visually/verbally true to his inner emotions. If the character is happy then he pretends to sad or normal while trying to contain all the energy from his true emotion. This is fun acting, lots of oppourtunities for animators to be animators.

Every kind of acting has its place even hammy acting. A good movie will have a nice texture of the various types of acting shots.


I always thought animation looks more real and belivable and live action. I think this is because animation depecits the “feeling” or “emotion” of the character than the character itself. Animation just feels right!

A smile on screen is just a few centimeters more than “default”. But in animation u can have a smile that literally goes from ear to ear! It LOOKS like how you feel and so the viewer just believes it.

Are you depressed? So depression feels like you are limp and flat on the ground. A live actor may try to do something to approximate that more so in pantomime or vaudeville than in drama. But in animation the character is limp! He is FLAT!

Getting hit on the head feels like it became flat. In animation it looks flat!

Animation speaks directly to the heart. It doesnt rely on the eye as much as live action. Its the animation language.

Exactly what I mean!!!!!

This is exactly the kind of thing i mentioned when i said hype in indian animation. Look at this article.

Mumbai Mirror
Mumbai Mirror

What!! Where did you hear that? Which company in india worked on incredibles? No facts, just gas.. absolutely Shameful reporting.