WOW! I really mean WOW! Today has been a wierd day. So, Bill calls me up and says that there is been an article on a leading online animation news site. I thought maybe some sort of article about creating IP( intellectual property) or something cause that was the last topic of discussion with Bill.

He proceeds to read the article and my heart begins to sink. Then he continues and my heart begins to dig a hole in the ground and sink deeper. Then I thought he was joking. Then I am totally stunned.

Turns out there has been an article published online which totally out of the blue made up statements and attributed it to me. They had me claim that our studio produced 12 seconds of animation a day per artist!!!!! It had me say that in Dreamwork and pixar people did a measly 3 sec a day!! I worked at dreamworks and I know what it took to get a shot finalled. I have never spoken to any journalist from the site. Nor have I ever said to anybody words to that extent.

Where the journo got the words from remains a mystery. Why were we the chosen target, remains a mystery.

Our goal has always been to go good quality animation. The best we can. Bill and I are trying to bring that appreciation for quality in everything we do. We tell everyone who will listen that animation is hard. It takes patience. In our studio we constantly discuss milt kahl and go over the nine old men’s work frame by frame. We appreciate how much work it takes to do good work.

One of the reasons why we setup up a studio of our own was to do just that.

I hate that I was made to say things that are so contrary to what I believe. If it was a typo I would have understood. But this article made seem that that we “boasted” that we can produce 12 secs of animation per day per artist. It seemed that wee pited pixar and dreamworks who could do only 3-5 secs a day!!! Reading that article made me visualize of us as fat, cigar chomping sweatshop owners with whips, leaning back in plush room while gloating about our “efficent” meathods of production.

To create images – That is the power of media. I am trying to correct our image in anyway I can. Please link to this entry and help me.

Artists create images too. Ittina animation studios tries to do the best work it can. Our goal is to not compromise in quality in anyway. We have utmost respect for quality animation and dont denegrate it in any way. We love what we do and are proud of what we do. We stand behind our work for it is who we are ( “your shots are there for ever” – ollie johnson) And we have stories to tell and miles to go before we sleep.

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